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It's not Penny's boat, brotha! Photo courtesy of ABC

Lost. It’s given us such good material over the years, and the last two episodes have definitely lived up to the hype of the much-talked-about last season. If you don’t watch, I’m not going to even try to explain it to you, but so far, Locke is smoke, Claire is crazy, Hurley’s in charge, Sun can’t talk, Jin is being held hostage and the whispers are dead people…I know, right?!?!

But my favorite character might have to be Desmond, not only because he’s so hot it’s stupid but mostly because he’s in love with Penny, and proving that some people are just destined to be together. And that thought makes me happy. So, this week, Fake Locke asks Desmond why he isn’t afraid, and he responds, ever so transcendentally:

“What’s the point of being afraid?”

A great Lost moment, so poignant, so true. But then Fake Lock threw Desmond down a well, so my sentimental-ism for Desmond’s mystic new state of mind, sadly, only lasted for a few seconds. Desmond gets back at him later in the episode by running a wheelchair-bound, Sideways-world Locke over with his car. It makes sense, trust me.

Scenes from next week promise super creepiness mixed with Willy Wonka music. I can’t wait!.

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