Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson

Front cover of Jackie Robinson comic book (issue #5). Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

If you’re seeing the number 42 over and over again, don’t think you’re going crazy. Today is Jackie Robinson day in Major League Baseball, and according to ESPN, “everyone in baseball – players, umpires, managers, coaches, bat boys? ball girls? – will wear the No. 42 today,” honoring the sports hero’s major league debut, 63 years ago.

All teams are set to honor Robinson, while his family will participate in a nationally-televised ceremony before the Yankees-Angels game tonight at Yankee Stadium.

“Jackie Robinson’s incredible legacy continues to impact our society today,” said Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig in an official statement released yesterday. “Baseball’s proudest moment was when Jackie took the field in 1947, so it is important to always remember him and his achievements. It is a privilege to pay tribute to the effect he had on baseball and our country by continuing to honor his Number 42.”

And while honoring Robinson today, let us not forget Moses Fleetwood Walker and William Edward White. Play ball!

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