Guy of the Month: Drew

Name: Drew, Drewfus
Age: 26
Occupation: Marketing
Likes: Turkey burgers, Ray LaMontagne, Running
Dislikes: Loafers, button-down shirts, phones that aren’t of the “I” persuasion

As evidenced by this picture, Drew is a dead-sexy Western Massachusetts native now living in the great city of Boston. A runner at heart, Drew attended Boston College where he was a member of the track team and stole money out of girls’ dorm rooms. After graduating in 2006, he led a life of crime (stealing money and running away from the scene) until he met his girlfriend, Katie, who is still working on straightening him out.

Drew’s newest passion now-a-days is biking, and he insists on wearing a padded jumpsuit every time out. Hot. Currently, he is looking for a third bike to add to his collection, which is stored in his and Katie’s studio apartment. When not busy grilling, playing soccer or just being a down-right chick magnate, Drew likes to spend his days at the craft store with with his GF, and later scrap-booking together.

In all seriousness, I haven’t known Drew that long, but he’s a good guy and a good friend. He and I make a bad-ass trivia team, and I’m proud to have him as our first ever “Guy of the Month.” Hopefully after this post he’ll still let me come visit him and Katie (who have a new place as of May 1, yay!).

To Drew, for being so damn awesome!

Editor’s Note: This is a new series for the NoMad Blog, so if any of you have a guy that you would like to nominate as our “Guy of the Month,” e-mail me @ We will also be beginning a “Girl of the Month” segment, so send those nominations in ASAP for the month of April!


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2 responses to “Guy of the Month: Drew

  1. I just read this for the first time, but I would like it noted that is says “did not see any action during his freshman year,” on Drew’s BC player bio. Hilarious.

  2. Katie

    🙂 And he actually has 3 bikes and is looking to sell the 3rd!!! Two too many!!!

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