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Guy of the Month: Brian Rose

Name: Bri-man
Age: 24
Occupation: Fun Team Intern for the Hudson Valley Renegades
Likes: Army, the Yankees, Mount St. Mary’s College Blue Knights, the NFA GoldBacks, and the Hudson Valley Renegades
Loves: family, tailgating, Walt Disney World, and friendship
Dislikes: Anyone who beats Army in football and the Red Sox (me too Brian!)

As Highland Falls prepares for the mass exodus to Philadelphia tonight for the Army-Navy game, it seems only appropriate that December’s Guy of the Month honor be awarded to the greatest Army football fan I know, Brian Rose.

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Guy of the Month: RJ Turnbull

RJ and self portrait, Spring 2010.

Name: Raymond James Turnbull, III
Age: A just-turned 25
Occupation: Sellin’ Shiz
Likes: Nicole Schulz, Bulldogs, Chipotle, plus a weird obsession with women’s (namely mine) bathing suits
Dislikes: Haters

If you’ve never heard of him, well now you know. This is RJ Turnbull, former child model, college hockey player and obnoxiously good-looking dude. Seriously, it’s gross. This is my ploy to launch RJ back on the scene as some type of model/actor so I can do his PR and manage his career. Basically so I can make the dough. While RJ and I do share the same body type, I don’t have the looks, so I have to live vicariously through him and his hockey hair.

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Guy of the Month: Justin Barnes

Editor’s Note: Our October “Guy of the Month” was submitted by the lovely Alea Lawson Barnes, Justin’s wife.


Name: “JB”
Age: 35
Likes: Motocross, MX vs ATV Reflex on Xbox Live, Collecting watches, Painting, Tattoos & Fine-dining.
Dislikes: Big-Headed People (I’m SO serious about this. Lol! There are few things that he "dislikes" in this world, but this is definitely one of them.) Ed. Note: I’m not sure if Alea means people with big egos or actually big heads. Either way, hilarious

Justin Barnes aka "JB", owner of JB Grafix Custom Painting, Inc., has been featured on Discovery Channel's American Chopper, which highlighted a number of his well-known designs, including The POW-MIA Bike, The Fire Bike, The I-Robot Bike, The Comanche, The Snap-On Bike and many, many more. Justin has done custom work with Gibson Guitars, Harley-Davidson, Nintendo North America, Fly Helmets, PPG Paints, Armed Forces Entertainment and several other high profile clients.

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