Guy of the Month: Ray Dommermuth

The man himself, Ray Dommermuth.

Name: Ray, Ray D., Eddie Ray
Age: 25
Occupation: Teacher, football and wrestling coach
Likes: Beer, steak, history, history movies and being co-best man
Dislikes: The crazy shenanigans his sisters put him through

Three years ago, Ray and I went on a trip to California; we flew into L.A. and spent a week driving up the coast to San Francisco. It was awesome. Except for the fact that Ray kept singing the same Rat Pack song (actually one line from the song) over and over again, so much so that I still hear it in my sleep. I’m still picking Cheetos out of the backpack I brought with me, still having nightmares about all the red lights I went through trying to run away from the Inglewood gang-fight that was happening on the way to Randy’s Donuts, and still laughing about the lunch in Napa where Ray set his clothes on fire with a battery and some pennies. Ahhhh, memories.

Ray D. (right) and R.J. circa forever-ago.

I consider Ray to be my partner in crime. Our mom’s are sisters and as an only child, I have to say I feel like he’s my brother. He’s always good for a laugh, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or just a really good story (kind of like our grandfather).

When we were little, Ray was the kid who’s socks were always too long for his feet, who’s shirt was always covered in ketchup, and who’s jeans were always grass-stained from playing Ninja Turtles out in the yard. Today, he’s an absolute gentleman and friend, and that’s why he’s May’s Guy of the Month. Celebratory Cheetos for everyone!

Editor’s Note: If you have a guy you’d like to recommend for Guy of the Month status, email me at!


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5 responses to “Guy of the Month: Ray Dommermuth

  1. Denny

    He should be “Guy of the Year”

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  3. lisa rose

    Love you Ray D!

  4. Indira Mandoske

    Nice pick Kells! Seems like those Ninja Turtle days were just yesterday! Love you all!

  5. Krista

    ray only repeating one line of a song?? disbelief.
    … well at least it wasn’t a song about (trying to block it out) at the top of his lungs at 4am when people are just trying to get a decent amount of under-your-dining-room-table sleep…

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