The Grey-test News Ever

Little Edie Beale, the younger half of the dynamic stars of the documentary “Grey Gardens” and the HBO movie by the same name, will soon be an author. If only the New York icon was still around to garner all this acclaim.

According to, Edie’s diary will soon be published as a hardcover book, marking her 11th year, and the year right before the Great Depression, 1929. Though only a child at the time the diary was written, the book promises to show a glimpse of the eccentricity that Little Edie and her mother, Edith Bouvier Beale, would later showcase on film.

I Only Mark the Hours that Shine will be available Aug. 1. So get your headscarves ready.

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  1. Audrey Marks

    Love this. Also, I love head scarves. And speaking of amazing head wear– when will fashionable turbans make a come back?

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