One For All the Moonlight Ladies

What’s cooler than seeing an American icon up close? Two icons up close. And if any of you out there have seen Carole King and James Taylor’s Troubadour Reunion Tour, you know what I’m talking about.

On June 20, my mom, treating herself to a birthday present, treated me to the best concert ever. I laughed, I cried. I looked back on childhood memories of my mom listening to Carole King while she cleaned the house on a cool summer day. Music blaring. Windows up. The vacuum going, and the entire neighborhood listening to my mom and Carole. That’s icon status.

And when I think of James Taylor, I think New England, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and to see him in Boston, on his own turf, felt as though I was watching him as a young man, starting all over again.

Granted, mom and I stood out like sore thumbs, because the audience at TD Garden that night was made up mostly of old people and couples. But we didn’t care. Even when the woman in front of us gave mom a dirty look for singing. We sang those songs like we were on stage with Carole and James and those awesome back-up signers and the original Troubadour band!

From “Smackwater Jack,” to “You’ve Got a Friend,” both King’s and Taylor’s voices sounded as if I was listening to one of their world famous records. It’s such a comment on today’s music that I was shocked to hear an unedited voice that sounded like perfection.

My mom never let me forget that Carole King is the greatest songwriter of all time, and until this concert, I never really understood how strongly my mom held to that conviction. But when songs like these can stand the test of time, when the idea of hearing these two artists sing brings tears to a 26-year-old’s eyes, that’s when you know you’re experiencing greatness. That’s when you know you’re in the presence of an icon.

Please watch the videos below. They are truly awesome! More pictures here.


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5 responses to “One For All the Moonlight Ladies

  1. jean carroll

    I love that I shared my music with you when you were growing up and I love that you accepted it. That WAS the best concert I’ve have ever seen (and I went to Woodstock) but …I didn’t know I paid for it.

  2. nicole

    I am pretty sure we grew up the same Kelly as James Taylor was always on in my parents house growing up.

  3. Indira Mandoske

    Kells – Loved the videos! I can’t believe your mom wasn’t harmonizing with them – she must have!!
    The songs generations have, and still are, growing up to!
    Peace & Love
    Aunt Binks

  4. alli

    this makes me SO happy. i totally agree – sharing this concert with our moms made it the best ever. thanks for posting these, Kel, and for sharing those memories. (p.s. i still blast Tapestry and sing along, as i zoom up 95 to work every day. it’s quite a treat for the passersby haha).

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