Apparently Ozeki Kotomitsuki is Japanese for Pete Rose

The governing board of sumo wrestling in Japan is currently grappling with a scandal tantamount to the hit-leader’s back in the 80s. With scary similarities.

According to CNN (and just about every sports news outlet around), the Japan Sumo Association is investigating claims that Kotomitsuki and his “stable master” (which I can only assume is like the guy in the corner of the boxing ring that stitches up people and pours water on their face) be fired from the association amid claims that the pair and 15 other wrestlers have been illegally gambling on…wait for it…baseball.

The chairman of the association called this situation “unprecedented and critical” according to CNN. The report also claims that “the scandal has rocked sumo wrestling in Japan, where national identity is closely linked to the sport and where top wrestlers can become national heroes.”

Firing Kotomitsuki would mean that the superstar would not be eligible for Sumo’s largest tournament, which begins July 11. Officials have already advised that the tournament would not be postponed. A decision is set to be made on Sunday, July 4.

How un-American of them. I hope this doesn’t ruin my holiday.

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One response to “Apparently Ozeki Kotomitsuki is Japanese for Pete Rose

  1. Denny

    This is a “HUGE” issue – I hope they do not “wrestle” with the problem too long – and “sit on it” through the American “Holiday” weekend.

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