What Would Mandy Moore Do?

I don’t know Mandy Moore, but aside from breaking Vincent Chase’s heart she comes off as the nicest person on the planet. Actually I did meet her once when I was working at the J.Crew in Copley Square, and she was very nice, so there, I do have a reference.

Anyway, sometimes I question my ability to be kind to people. Like, if I see someone in distress and don’t do anything, it’s usually because I want to avoid coming off like a complete crazy person (I try to hide the crazy from strangers). But a certain event happened to me yesterday, and I need some input on how I should have reacted. Let me set the scene:

So I’m leaving CVS in Cleveland Circle (bypassing Chipotle and NOT going in. I know!), and there’s this eruption of dogs barking. As I come around the corner next to the Thai place that I’m pretty sure is a front for some type of drug operation, I see that two black lab seeing-eye dogs have gotten into it with a larger, husky-mix looking K-9.

Now, I’m getting to this scene at the end. One seeing-eye dog and his master are already leaving. I sidestep to avoid a collision, and I notice the T-shirt of the blind gentleman passing me:

“Too Much Sex Causes Blindness”




This is either the most hilarious thing I have ever seen and this guy has the best sense of humor, EVER…or his friends put him in this shirt as a joke and he is blindly (pun intended) wandering the streets of Brookline with this monstrosity on his chest.

In my quest to be more like Saint Mandy, I almost stopped this gentleman to let him know about his T-shirt, but then I realized: if he knows about it, and I bring it up like it’s offensive, I’m insulting him. Right? But if I don’t bring it up, he walks around like this for the rest of the night. Quite frankly, I think the seeing-eye dog should have come up with some kind of solution because after all, that’s what he’s there for.

So, at the end of it all, I did nothing, and I feel guilty about it. I’m sure this guy made it through the rest of his day without complaint, so I’m not stressing about it too much. But Mandy Moore would have done something. She would have.


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2 responses to “What Would Mandy Moore Do?

  1. Denny

    She would have said, “Sir your wife dresses you in nice shirts.”

  2. C.

    Eh, I would have left it, I think he’s got to know. But you had to say something, I would have said, “Awesome shirt, sir.”

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