So I Guess We Can Forget About That Fugees Reunion

Just because you make music with someone doesn’t mean they think you are qualified to be president.

That’s what former Fugee Pras revealed in a statement yesterday regarding other Fugee Wyclef’s run for the presidential seat in Haiti.

“I endorse Michel Martell[y] as the next president of Haiti,” the statement reads, “because he is the most competent candidate for the job.”

Settle down Pras. Wyclef has been preparing for this his whole life. He’s the “Perfect Gentleman” for the job and will be “Gone ’til November” campaigning on the platform that “Two Wrongs Don’t Make it Right.

Let’s just hope “If I Was President” isn’t in anyway foreshadowing Wyclef’s future: “If I was president, I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday.”

Word on the street is Sean Penn is anti-Wyclef too. Could Sean Penn become the next Fugee? Where is Lauyrn Hill when you need her?

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