Yet Another Reason for Me to Hate Navy

If you ask me, the United States Naval Academy has no redeeming qualities (as far as sports teams go, I’m not about to start dissing any branch of the armed forces). As a West Point girl and a DEVOUT Army fan, I was taught anything Navy is ugly and wrong. And then they go and do this…

Navy basketball coach Billy Lange has hired former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus as an assistant, just a year after Paulus’ stint as Syracuse University’s starting quarterback. This will be Paulus’ first go at coaching college basketball, in his quest to annoy the entire world through every facet of sport.

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to like Greg Paulus. But then he and Josh McRoberts started to cry over everything. And then Paulus tried to start a fight with Louis Hinnant. And you DO. NOT. mess with Louis. And then he went and played college football because “that’s his actual sport” (or something). How does someone annoy the entire country by not really doing anything? It’s a skill.

Greg Paulus and Navy. A perfect match. I’m getting my Army “A” hat out as we speak.


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2 responses to “Yet Another Reason for Me to Hate Navy

  1. jean carroll

    Next move will be Law School (Ivy League) and then he will really launch his journey to annoy the entire country.

  2. Audrey Marks

    I like your hat Roofus!

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