Scenes from the Green Line

Advertisement at the Arlington Station.

Dear Karen and Neil: I hope you don’t take the T. Love, Kelly.

Something about this makes me think Karen and Neil are the Angry Engaged Somewhat Happily Married Couple. Update: I saw the dynamic duo on the train last week looking worse for the wear. Later that same day, I saw Somewhat Happily Married Man half asleep in his Metro paper. Guess the honeymoon really doesn’t last forever. If only they knew they were blog celebrities!

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One response to “Scenes from the Green Line

  1. Kim Pugliano

    I have semi-famous neighbors that I used to blog about in short-story form. It was my best work, I swear. Unfortunately I have overly-involved and ridiculously worried parents who were CONVINCED my neighbors – who don’t even know my name – were reading my blogs and were going to figure out it was them. I took the posts down because my parents are bossy and I am wimpy. Anyway, you make me miss my crazy-ass neighbors. Carry on.

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