How Much Would You Pay Me to Wear This Dress to My Cousin’s Wedding?

The Carroll Family at Uncle Tom and Aunt Eileen's Wedding, 1993. You know you love this picture.

Ok, not the floral one I’m so elegantly sporting in the pic above (but that can be arranged too since it still fits) but the spicy black number my mom is rocking. Hard.

Those that know me know I’ve been obsessed with this dress since the day it fatefully entered into our lives, and I’m getting the feeling (mostly because I don’t want to go shopping) that it needs to come out of retirement Dec. 4.

But I do need a little coaxing, because this dress…it’s a lot of look. The last time I tried to pull it off was when I was invited to my cousin Matt’s graduation dinner at West Point. I was promptly disinvited until I could find something more appropriate to wear. To say I was disappointed would be grossly understated.

I don’t know why the dress is so offensive. It’s just a mix of sequins, mock turtleneck and cutout shoulders. Nothing about that screams fashion emergency to me (sidenote: everyone needs to watch The Fashion Show on Bravo because Iman is ahhhh-mazing). I love me a sequin (may I submit into evidence photographs one and two). I could live without a mock turtleneck, but the wedding is in December and something is going to have to keep me warm if I’m going to have bare shoulders. I mean, it’s purely a functional fashion choice.

Things that I’m going to need to pull this off: grey ankle boots, which I have and am in love with, a Corinne Bailey Rae updo, and possibly my leather motorcycle jacket. Oh my god, it’s 1993 all over again.

So start the bidding – all I need is for someone to dare me, and you’ll probably want to, because my second choice is a black, backless satin halter jumpsuit.


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11 responses to “How Much Would You Pay Me to Wear This Dress to My Cousin’s Wedding?

  1. Lindsey

    Well it’s my wedding and I say ROCK IT OUT!!! Love the dress and it needs to come out of retirement. Chris equally agrees and the best part is I won’t ever have to look for you at the reception because you’ll be “SO SPARKLY”! We love you and as a side note we also DARE you… LOL

    The Denneen’s

  2. Jean

    Double Triple Dare you. I have seen you in the dress (playing dress-up) and I think you look stunning. Also, you forgot to mention it is thigh high. The hair doo, not so much.

  3. Kim Pugliano

    I triple DOG dare you.

  4. Nicole Johnston (Brosseau)

    Do it Kelly. My mom has a similiar dress. Go figure.

  5. krista

    Kel – if it doesn’t work out, my moms got backup. I think your mom has borrowed from her (that green sequin number with the longsleeves and shoulder pads). Again… 1993…

  6. Indira Mandoske

    Have I told you lately how much I love your blog…. and that dress!! If it was good at Tom and Eileen’s it is ready for an encore! Oh yeah …it’s a double dog dare!

    XO Aunt Binkie

  7. Sarah

    Your mom tried to get me to wear it to winter formal that one year i couldnt find a dress so i searched threw your closet.

    i think you should do it=)

  8. Cathy Carroll

    I need to find my wedding pictures because I think your Mom wore sequins to that one too!! I just remember her on the floor doing the worm or break dancing- not real sure which! Wear it- you will rock it just like your Mom!!

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