And This is Why Jay-Z is So Cool

Photo courtesy of Grub Street

So according to New York magazine Jay-Z is getting the word out about his upcoming memoir (Decoded) by reprinting pages of the book onto inanimate objects, as well as people, in various locations throughout New York City. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

David Droga, of Droga5, the advertising company behind this stellar marketing campaign, told the New York Times today that locations will be chosen according to the subject matter on the reprinted page, i.e. if Jay-Z mentions the Marcy Projects or something about Madison Square Garden (I mean, this is all he talks about…and B, he talks about her too), reprinted pages will most likely be found there in the next few days. “If in certain pages Jay-Z is talking about something related to Times Square, then those pages might be on billboards in Times Square,” Droga said.

New York mag says that pages have already been seen at The Spotted Pig, Not Ray’s Pizza and Six Happy Kitchen. They are also slated to appear at locations in LA, New Orleans, Miami and London. If you find a page, you can enter it into a special Bing search to share it with friends.

Bottom Line: I will be buying this book, if solely because Jay-Z seems to have left Twitter for a second to do some advertising that is actually ingenious. Take note kids. Young Hov.

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