Parenting 101: How to Trade Your Child for a Better Player

Photo courtesy of The Montreal Gazette

So, I was never really ever in trouble when I was little. Mostly because I was a pretty good, quiet kid, and partly because there was nothing I could do that would be more rebellious and disruptive than my parents were/are.

Ahh, to know them is to love them.

But I can tell you that if I was a bad kid, this technique would straighten me out – according to, Calgary Flame Brett Sutter, who was arrested on suspicion of assault after a bar fight a few days ago, was traded yesterday by his father, Flames GM Darryl Sutter. This takes grounding to a whole new level.

“One of the things that Darryl has always prided himself on is being able to separate out the personal relationship and the business aspect of what it is that we do,” Assistant General Manager Jay Feaster told ESPN. “We were in a situation where Brett was not playing, he was not able to crack the starting lineup and hadn’t played in an extended period of time.” And at 23, you can no longer send him to his room without dinner.

Sutter’s teammate Ian White was also traded. The pair are headed down to Carolina, where Sutter’s cousin, Brandon Sutter, currently plays. Talk about keeping it in the family. The Flames will acquire Anton Babchuk and Tom Kostopoulos.

While I have no interest whatsoever in hockey (except for my cousin Trevor’s 97 Level games – the kid is going places), I’m thinking the Sutter family dramz could be an awesome reality show. Takers? Give me a call, we’ll work out the details.

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One response to “Parenting 101: How to Trade Your Child for a Better Player

  1. got2havefaith

    I follow hockey and just thought this is one tough Dad! This takes the “time out” to a whole new level. I was thinking about building a penalty box in my living room for my kids. I wonder though if cousin Brandon is a good influence.

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