Guy of the Month: RJ Turnbull

RJ and self portrait, Spring 2010.

Name: Raymond James Turnbull, III
Age: A just-turned 25
Occupation: Sellin’ Shiz
Likes: Nicole Schulz, Bulldogs, Chipotle, plus a weird obsession with women’s (namely mine) bathing suits
Dislikes: Haters

If you’ve never heard of him, well now you know. This is RJ Turnbull, former child model, college hockey player and obnoxiously good-looking dude. Seriously, it’s gross. This is my ploy to launch RJ back on the scene as some type of model/actor so I can do his PR and manage his career. Basically so I can make the dough. While RJ and I do share the same body type, I don’t have the looks, so I have to live vicariously through him and his hockey hair.

RJ has recently landed a job selling stuff to doctors for a start-up company in NYC. While we are all very proud, he’s really just waiting for his big gig as weatherman on my yet-to-be created weekly blog show. I would like him to be co-anchor, but RJ’s dad insists he needs to do the weather. No idea why. Either way, he’ll be good. Again, all part of the ploy.

RJ at the Big Drop, July 2010

RJ (or as well like to call him, Arrrgggge, like a pirate) played hockey for Towson University, where he met the lovely and talented Nicole Schulz, his future bride, also known as Exit 53 (we’ve not called her that in a while, I can’t remember if it’s because she hates it or not). They are parents to the adorable skateboarding bulldog Kingston, who one time chased me around in a circle three times and then threw-up on my feet. He does not like overexertion.

RJ is the spitting image (not to mention the namesake) of our grandfather when he was in his early 20s. We’ve all agreed that Pop was the most handsome man alive, so it’s definitely an honor. RJ’s sweet, soft-spoken, and as much as he is sentimental, he’s equally ready to throw down with anyone that tries to mess with his family and friends. Hmmm. Reminds me of someone…Arge you do Poppy proud.

Congratulations to November’s Guy of the Month!

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