I’ve Seen My Future, And it Looks Like Grey Gardens

We could totally pass for the Bouvier Beales.

My quest to become Little Edie Beale got a little more real Thanksgiving weekend, as my Aunt Carole and I played dress up in some of my nana’s old gowns (pictured right). Aunt Carole looked better in these dresses than I did, but that’s what Zumba will do for you. You go, girl!

So it’s pretty much cemented that I will have an affair with someone in the state department that looks like a Baldwin brother, will lose all my hair, will move in with my mother (or Aunt Carole, who is doing an awesome Big Edie impersonation), and will eventually start to wear awesome headscarves (which clearly is a good look for me). I’ll spend the rest of my time here in Boston perfecting my affected New England accent. And we already have the house in the Hamptons. This plan is done and done.

Now aside from all of this, can we talk about how awesome Nana’s dresses are? I’m kind of in love with the floral one, which she wore to my mom’s wedding. In 1976. With a bright red beehive. She was stylin’.

Alright, I’m off to start planning my next phase in life. Is there a Kennedy I can pretend to have had a relationship with so I can go around telling people I should have been First Lady? It’s Boston, I’ll find one.

Life magazine photo gallery: The Real Women of Grey Gardens


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2 responses to “I’ve Seen My Future, And it Looks Like Grey Gardens

  1. Denny

    Your future is brighter than the brightest star !

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