Hathaway, Franco and Oscar: This Could Be Interesting

Photo courtesy of ProJo.com

Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be hosting the Oscars when they come to town in February, and I am excited/anxious/scared about the prospect of this.

From a cameo in Hugh Jackman’s opening number at the Oscars a few years ago, we know that Hathaway can do the shtick we are used to seeing from hosts of this awards show. And I’d like to think James Franco can pretty much do anything and is gonna come out to rock our socks off. But part of me is nervous that this pairing is going to give us Broadway/Disney musical-slash-poetry reading and Franco cutting off his own arm.

Also, I’m not really sure how this all works, but is this the Academy’s way of telling Hathaway and Franco that no, they will not be nominated this year? Or are they going for some kind of shock and awe where the hired entertainment actually goes home with the prize? So many questions.

On top of that, I have to worry about Rachel Zoe being 100 months pregnant and trying to style Anne Hathaway’s Oscar look (this is making for a great! third season of RZP). Shut. It. Down.

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