Guy of the Month: Brian Rose

Name: Bri-man
Age: 24
Occupation: Fun Team Intern for the Hudson Valley Renegades
Likes: Army, the Yankees, Mount St. Mary’s College Blue Knights, the NFA GoldBacks, and the Hudson Valley Renegades
Loves: family, tailgating, Walt Disney World, and friendship
Dislikes: Anyone who beats Army in football and the Red Sox (me too Brian!)

As Highland Falls prepares for the mass exodus to Philadelphia tonight for the Army-Navy game, it seems only appropriate that December’s Guy of the Month honor be awarded to the greatest Army football fan I know, Brian Rose.

While I hate to admit it, because I used to hold the streak for most-attended Army home games, I think Brian has finally surpassed me in this feat. He’s been at every one for the past 10 years, and that includes an 0-13 season, when Brian cheered from the stands on every single one of those downs.

He is the consummate fan, and literally lives and breathes for his favorite teams. If you asked him today, Brian could probably rattle off all of Ronnie McAda’s stats from the 1996 Army football season (the last time they went to a bowl, thank you very much), and I know from experience that he takes every loss very hard. He will remain at every game until the West Point alma mater is sung, and he has only missed one recent Army-Navy game, due to an uncooperative blizzard. If Army could win football games based on Brian’s cheering alone, they’d be undefeated every season.

On a very personal note, I’ve known Brian his entire life, and I can safely say I’ve never met someone so loyal and sweet. He honors every friendship he has, he loves to hug, and it’s a joy for me every time I get to see him. Beat Navy!

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Brian’s dad for nominating him this month, and for writing this piece along with me. “Uncle Jim” wants Brian to know that “his parents are so very proud of all of his accomplishments,” even though I’m sure they tell him every day!

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