Is This Bruce Jenner?

So the New York office decided I didn’t have enough books in my cubicle and sent over a buttload of old titles for me to sort through (thanks, btw). Some of them are really cool, like a Roget’s Thesaurus from 1922. Others, however, are less cool.

For some reason my company has been hoarding pamphlets, written in Spanish, showcasing classic books. Each pamphlet has a caricature of an author on the cover. The one pictured to the right, I’m assuming, is supposed to be Harper Lee, and the pamphlet is about To Kill a Mockingbird (I’m guessing this from the pictures inside, as I cannot read Spanish. I blame Mrs. Shapiro).

But tell me, does it or does it not resemble a certain loveable former Olympian who may or may not have had too much plastic surgery? Obviously I’ve taken this around to every single person in my office for their opinion, and they all concur that yes, I am a crazy person with way too much time on her hands.


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3 responses to “Is This Bruce Jenner?

  1. Kim Pugliano

    If you had said, “This caricature of Harper Lee looks like who?” I would have answered Bruce Jenner pre-work. Good catch!

  2. alli

    i concur on Jenner. more importantly, i concur with blaming a LOT of things on Mrs. Shapiro. asi es la vida or something like that.

  3. Sam

    I think they were going for Harper Lee as Scout, maybe, but they definitely ended up with Bruce Jenner. The hair is spot-on.

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