Narcissistic Question of the Day: Can I Pull Off This Look?

I think I look like Jay-Z.

In second grade I decided that I really needed to have glasses. So I pretended I couldn’t see the blackboard from my desk and my mom took me for a checkup with her optometrist. Vision: 20/20.

So I never got my wish. That is until this weekend when my cousin Sam gave me these awesome specs! So I wore them all weekend in Philly, because I know no one there that would point and laugh at me. But now I’m back in the real world and need to make an important life decision: do these glasses look good on me, or am I really just trying way, way too hard.

So before any future outings that could potentially include me wearing these glasses, I need to know if I look completely ridiculous. I’m not above ridicule, criticism and judgment, if it means you guys are saving me from any future ridicule, criticism and judgment. Thx.

Note: It’s frickin’ cold outside and the hat is more a necessity than a choice.

Also Note: My apartment needs better lighting if I’m going to be doing photoshoots like this. Maybe also some color on the walls. You can tell I still don’t treat it as a permanent residence.


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4 responses to “Narcissistic Question of the Day: Can I Pull Off This Look?

  1. Becca

    I like the look! But the facial expression probably you could do without. Just got to rock the glasses with confidence.

    And in Europe, those frames for glasses are totally in. Lots of rayban sunglasses frames on regular glasses. Just saying.

  2. Denny

    I did that (wore glasses) one day – way back it made me up chuck !

  3. Kim Pugliano

    I think you’re adorable!!! Funny, I’ve been waiting for my new glasses for 8 days. EIGHT DAYS!! I have two more days until they should be ready.

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