Go Army, Beat SMU!

The last time the Army football team was in a bowl game, I was stuck in Newark airport trying to get a flight to Shreveport, Louisiana. It was the Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl, and Army lost to Auburn by a field goal. I’m fairly certain if the weather hadn’t been so terrible, and I had gotten to the game, we would have won. So I had big plans for this year’s bowl game. But Jeanie said we couldn’t go. And I have to listen to her, because she’s got the deep pockets of the family.

So if you’re like me and will be sitting in front of your television set for this one, kickoff is at 12pm EST on ESPN. I’ve had a great year with this Army team, and I hope they do well. Go Army! Beat SMU!

Editor’s Note: WordPress is being weird and won’t let me upload video. So until Support comes back Jan. 3, we’re stuck with blurry YouTube. I’ll fix as soon as I can!


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2 responses to “Go Army, Beat SMU!

  1. Denny

    It worked Kel Great Job Thanks

  2. Aunt Binks

    I love that video! What a great win for the old home town team today! On brave old Army Team!!!
    Now let’s see if UW can hold Nebraska and make it a perfect day!

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