NoMad Blog: The Top Posts of 2010

Year-end countdowns – yay! You gotta love them. And while this blog hasn’t exactly been around an entire year, we’ve covered some serious ground in the past 10 months. From live-blogging the NCAA men’s basketball tournament to skydiving to weddings to just plain ole silliness, I’ve enjoyed writing for all of you more than I ever thought I could enjoy writing. And hopefully I’ve brought you all a few laughs.

So that you can relive the awesomeness – here are the top posts of 2010. Go back. Laugh. Cry. Repeat. And if you don’t see your favorite here, feel free to use our search tool at the bottom of the page. To more posts in ’11. Thanks for a great year!

1. These Are Legitimately For Sale and I’m Not Happy About It: Once upon a time, Drew Wiechnicki told me he was going to bring sexy back with overalls. Well, it looks like the women’s department at Target beat you to it Drew, because I found these hanging on the rack there yesterday. Oh. The. Horror…

2. So I Think My GPS is Trying to Kill Me: I’m kind of in love with my GPS. When I was working as a reporter on the Isle of Long, driving down backroads to find fires, murders, and government officials getting DUIs, it always got me where I needed to go. But recently, I think it may have turned on me…

3. I Imagine the Fight Would be Something Like West Side Story: So, Olympic figure skaters Johnny (I love Gaga) Weir and Evan (Dancing with the Stars) Lysacek are in a verbal battle that is heating up as we speak…

4. The Freedom Trail: A Good Walk Never Spoiled: In the eight years I’ve lived in Boston (off and on), I’ve done the Freedom Trail about one bigillion times. Funnily enough, I’d never finished the damn thing. In all the times that I’ve started following that red line toward the State House, past the Granary Burying Ground, toward Old City Hall and past the Old South Meeting House, I’d never once made it across the Harbor, into Charlestown and up Bunker Hill. Until this past weekend…

5. Love that Dirty Water…: So, there were a bunch of reasons I wasn’t looking forward to the trip back to Boston from NY last night. However, the kicker had to be the fact that a state of emergency was declared Saturday after a large pipe-burst cut off drinking water for all of Boston and the surrounding towns. That means no tap water for the next few days, which doesn’t bode well for the dirty dishes in my sink…

And my personal favorite:

6. The Big Drop: An Instant Turnbull Classic: It’s only been a week since The Big Drop, but it feels like a thousand, million years ago. All the planning, all the scary, panic-ridden anticipation, made for an awesome day, and an instant family memory that I will never, ever forget…

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