Clips with Coach: AND NOW THERE ARE TWO

Pitt took care of Syracuse Monday night in one of the wildest starts to a college basketball game ever. The Panthers scored the first 19, then the Orangemen the next 17 – unbelievable! Ohio State and Kansas, now the nation’s last two unbeatens, are the ones that jumped off into the week with big bullseye-targets on their backs. Kansas managed a 20-point take down of Baylor on Monday, and Ohio State will face off against Iowa tonight.

But the real winner this week is CBS, as they have been able to program the best Saturday doubleheader of the young 21st century. Ohio State vs. Illinois and Kansas vs. Texas pit four teams that will not only make the NCAA Tournament, but should each make a run to go deep in the tourney. Ohio State may have the easier path over the weekend, as they are home, freshman phenom Jared Sullinger is a beast in the paint, and Illinois did not look good in a recent loss to Wisconsin. As for Kansas/Texas, the Jayhawks are home and lead the country in field goal percentage.

As for the Blue Devils (Editor’s Note: What’s a post without the Blue Devils?), they need Kyrie Irving back. Without him, Duke is very vulnerable, and Coach K has to use all the magic he has to keep their confidence up. They are still searching for the right combination on the court – which can be an asset because it gives them subs who can come in and give them a lift. Hopefully road wins at NC State and Wake can get them feeling good about themselves.

We’re in for a terrific rest of the week, and I am sure someone I did not mention is going to do something I should have wrote about (Editor’s Note: Well Denny, maybe you should be more on top of things then). But, hey, it’s only January.


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2 responses to “Clips with Coach: AND NOW THERE ARE TWO

  1. Brother Jim

    Den- even Woodward and Bernstein had a Ben Bradlee in their life.

  2. Audrey Marie

    Hhail to Pitt!

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