What Exactly is Going on in this Picture?

Shovelers outside my office on Arlington Street

Ok, Mother Nature. I’ve had about enough of this crap. I’ve never seen so much snow in my entire life. For the past week I’ve been permanently in my snow boots, hat and North Face down-comforter coat, and while I may look adorable, it does not make up for the hours spent trekking to work in snow and ice and the amount of time I’ve spent shoveling my car out of its parking space.

To lighten the mood, I did stumble upon something very odd this morning (see picture above). Approximately seven men (and women?), all dressed in Gordon’s Fisherman rain gear, with identical red shovels, intently shoveling the same corner (Arlington and Stuart) at the very same time. I’ll admit, the weather’s horrendous, but does one corner require so much attention? Please note, as of 9 a.m., Arlington Street only had a bit of a dusting.

It’s possible that these are workers from Davio’s, the restaurant that inhabits the bottom floor of my office building. It’s super swanky, and I could see the restaurant management pulling out all the stops for its high-end customers. But if I find out these are workers from the City of Boston Sanitation Department, I’m gonna be pissed. Hello? The the corner of Strathmore and Sutherland could use some of those able bodies! And Cleveland Circle for that matter (see picture below).

Cleveland Circle, 9 a.m.

Question to God: is this weather ever going to stop? I know it’s only January, and I know you have a process, but if we’re putting in requests, I would really like winter to be over with. Thanks.

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One response to “What Exactly is Going on in this Picture?

  1. Denny

    Guys in yellow are “Townies” getting ready for another Bank Job.

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