Clips with Coach: THE NUMBER IS STILL TWO!

Will Farrell, is that you?

Two. That is the number of NFL teams left. We do pay attention to other sports (I was the star of College Gameday at West Point this fall, in case you didn’t remember), and the Superbowl is always a great party! Does anyone else think Ben Roethlisberger looks like Will Farrell? Editor’s Note: No.

It is also the number of children Julie and Tim Turnbull now have (I would include their names but they are too hard to spell). It is the number of putts “Johnny Vegas” had on 18 to win the Bob Hope Classic Sunday (he three putted – but beat former college basketball player Gary Woodland on the second playoff hole). It is the number of games Syracuse lost this week (not enough), and it is still the number of unbeatens in Division I college basketball (ha, and you thought we were going to talk about other sports).

One hails from Middle America and has a great hoops tradition, while the other is from the Left Coast, and people are still having a tough time taking them seriously. I lived in San Diego for 2 years in the 70’s and did not see many hoops in the driveways. Surfboards, yes. Hoops, no.The Ohio State Buckeyes were tested Saturday by Illinois. Player of the Year candidate Jared Sullinger had to put the team on his back and take the game over. Quite a performance – 27 points, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1 assist (you don’t want him to pass).

The San Diego Aztecs beat Air Force last, and will have their first real test when they travel to BYU Wednesday. They will have to deal with Jimmer Fredette (NY boy) who is averaging 27 a game and recently dropped 47 on Utah. A win over the Cougars will make a believer out of me. Until then I think the top 4 seeds (I am already working on my bracket) will be the winners of the Big East, the Big Ten, the Big 12, and the ACC (we know who that is).

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  1. Aunt Binks

    Uncle Den how about those UW Huskies beating those Sun Devils!

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