“If I Had an Office Full of Jeanie Carrolls, It Would Have Been Awful”

But we’re all glad we have one.

It’s been a little over a week since Jeanie Carroll retired from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and I’m still recovering. Also, she’s still calling me every day telling me how bored she is. So bored she joined Facebook. So bored she refuses to do the one hour of silent reading time my dad insists on. Probably because he needs a silent hour to compose AWESOME poems, like the one below, which he read to the 115 people in town to celebrate Mom’s special day. And, for your reading pleasure, here it is again, in full. Also, enjoy the videos. Especially the one where my mom thinks she’s a Pussy Cat Doll. Fact.


Everyday – as you go out the door
And I fall back to slumber and snore
My love for you grows more and more

Now that are schedules will be more in sync
Just remember to stop and think
I can be in Carolina before you blink

You’ll miss your team as they’ll miss you
But you have to know, I’ll be true
And everyday find you something to do

You’ll have time to shop and go to stores
Work in the garden and play outdoors
Just as soon as you finish your chores

You can travel and sail and go to resorts
Sample some chards, roses and some ports
Right after you drop me off at some ACC sports

When we play golf I won’t curse at your dubs
Then we can go – hang out in the Pubs
Oh! I forgot – we can’t find your clubs

So – no more fighting with ODIA
Or the rest of the post trying to get their own way
Nice last move-taking back Kevin’s pay

34 years day in and day out
Sometimes a peptalk sometimes a shout
Everyone knew who carried the clout

So here’s a big toast
To the girl I love most
It won’t be the same all over the Post

Editor’s Note: More video to come…the computer is not as fast as it used to be.

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