Dancing with the Stars: The Season 12 Cast Announced

I hate that I’m going to say this. Hate it. But I am seriously underwhelmed by this season’s DWTS cast.

While I at least know who a majority of the celebrity dancers are this time around, I don’t feel like there’s anyone that an audience can seriously root for, save for maybe Kirstie Alley.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still tune in, and I’ll still develop a love affair with one of the dancers and root for them and defend every heel-toe and Paso Doble. But after last season, I feel like ABC could have done a bit better job. Also, do we think Derek Hough is kicking himself for taking this season off, considering he definitely would have been paired with Petra Nemcova?

Here is the cast, in order of fame:

Kirstie Alley, actress
Kendra Wilkinson, reality star
Petra Nemcova, model
Sugar Ray Leonard, boxer
Ralph Macchio, actor, 80s teen icon
Wendy Williams, talk show host
Chris Jericho, professional wrestler
Hines Ward, football player
Romeo, actor, singer
Chelsea Kane, Disney star
Mike Catherwood, radio personality

Despite how much I love DWTS, you still cannot get me to watch The Bachelor. Nice ploy, ABC, announcing the cast between commercial breaks. That show makes me want to vom.

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