It’s March; Let the Madness Begin!

My Golden Tickets!

Fair warning: this blog is about to become all college basketball, all the time. It’s March 1st, and though the Madness has yet to officially begin, it will be here before you know it.

This is my Christmas. My Fourth of July. This is what New Year’s Eve would be like if it lasted a whole month. Can. Not. Wait.

There are still a few more games left before the conference tournaments start. There are even seven Top 25 teams playing tonight. But if the regular season was any indication of what the National Tournament has in store for us, I fully expect some major upsets. It could even be a year in which no number one seeds make it to the Final Four.

Remember last year, when I live-blogged the tournament? Well, that probably won’t happen again this year because people in my office have discovered that I’m competent and actually give me work to do now. But I do promise to have posts from the Big East Tournament (which I’m going to March 8th!) and I’m trying to convince my dad to get us tickets to the first/second round games in either DC or Charlotte and the regional games in Newark. We’ll see if all that pans out. Last year’s Tournament will be hard to top. I still have my bracket posted to my cubicle wall. I had West Virginia winning it all, and I still refuse to cross them out and write Duke on the center line. Tear, tear.

Here’s to brackets. Here’s to Cinderella teams. Here’s to One Shining Moment. Here’s to March. Here’s to the Madness.

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