The Royal Wedding is Finally Here: “A Splash of Color on the Hard Road We Have to Travel”

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK

The countdown is over and today is the day. The streets of London are lined with people, and it has yet to start to rain. Union Jacks are everywhere, and Kate Middleton has probably started to get ready to become a princess. Love is in the air.

In my opinion, the state of the British monarchy rests on this marriage, which clearly is a lot of pressure. But I think today marks a new era for royalty in Britain. Only time will tell, but either way, today will no doubt be splendid.

Read on for LIVE updates!

4:07 AM EST: The Queen has bestowed new titles on the couple, naming them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

4:08 AM EST: People begin arriving at Westminster, hats, feathers and cream colors galore! I’m not sure about the trees lining the aisles of the Abbey. Do we need to decorate Westminster Abbey at all?

4:10 AM EST: Chelsy Davy arrives at the Abbey, looking a little crazy. We found out yesterday that Chelsy would have two dresses for the day by Alberta Ferretti. The first, aqua green and short. No hat, but she does have some kind of head decoration.

4:16 AM EST: Victoria and David Beckham spotted! Victoria is in all black, with a super cool oval pill-box hat. Hair extensions galore! David Beckham’s wearing some kind of medal the Queen must have bestowed upon him. Very dapper! Oh my god there’s a top hat!

4:21 AM EST: I think I’ve spotted Jecca Craig, but the news outlets haven’t confirmed that she is there. If she’s the person I think, she’s in a camel suit with black buttons and a black hat.

4:23 AM EST: The Royal Air Force Band is marching down the streets of London playing patriotic songs. I just saw a hat that looks like a coffee filter!

4:29 AM EST: First cup of coffee in my Starbucks London mug. Earl Spencer entering the church, and Mr. Bean!

4:30 AM EST: Joss Stone arrives in a low key red suit. Almost didn’t recognize her.

4:33 PM EST: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrives wearing something akin to a blue peapod. Might be the craziest hat of the day. I’ve been reading a lot of British news lately, so just to let you guys in on a little secret, Tara used to have a cocaine addiction and her nose collapsed. She had a quick fix before the wedding. I love British tabloid news.

4:43 AM EST: Large caravan arrives outside the Abbey, but no one is telling us who is inside. I just read on the Daily Mail website that Kate’s brother James has left the Goring Hotel. Maybe it’s him?

4:45 AM EST: Vehicles not to be called busses just pulled up. I see Elton John! I guess these busses are for offsite parking? According to CNN, this is the first time Elton John has been back to the Abbey since Princess Diana’s funeral.

4:55 AM EST: I wonder if Kate is watching the coverage on her TV in the hotel? I would be way too nervous.

4:57 AM EST: Finally spotted Guy Ritchie and his girlfriend, who has on a hat with a strap. I like it. And Vera Wang is discussing Kate’s dress. Everyone is expecting Alexander McQueen. That would be awesome, and a step out of the ordinary for Kate.

5:00 AM EST: David Cameron is leaving 10 Downing Street. His wife isn’t wearing a hat. Is that going to be a big deal? I don’t know what’s offensive and what’s not.

5:03 AM EST: David Cameron arrives at the Abbey. That was quick. His wife should be wearing a hat. I’ve decided it’s offensive.

5:12 AM EST: Prince William is leaving Clarence House with Prince Harry on their way to Westminster! I am literally jumping out of my skin. CNN says that Carole Middleton will be wearing a Catherine Walker dress, a Princess Diana favorite. Apparently it’s sky blue, wool crepe.

5:13 AM EST: The Princes looks so handsome in their uniforms! William is in red and Harry in black and gold. I may throw up on myself from excitement. Seriously.

5:19 AM EST: Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey. Harry looks excited to drink later today. William looks nervous. Meaningful that they took this same walk behind their mother’s coffin.

5:22 AM EST: William is greeting members of his and Kate’s families sitting in the front of the Abbey, namely the Spencers. Harry and Earl Spencer are sharing a laugh. That makes me happy.

5:24 AM EST: Carole Middleton is leaving the Goring Hotel with her son James. I thought James had left earlier, but I was wrong. I also just thought Mohammed Al-Fayed was in the church, and I made a really big deal about it, and it wasn’t him, Anderson Cooper assured me.

5:28 AM EST: Royals from around the world are starting to arrive. Busses are now leaving Buckingham Palace. According to ABC, a lot of the staff from the palace was invited to the wedding, in breaking with tradition.

5:31 AM EST: Carole Middleton and James arrive at the Abbey. Carole’s dress is soooo pretty. Very, very light blue. Longer coat, with a clasp at the waist, with nude heels. James is wearing tails, with a pastel-colored tie.

5:35 AM EST: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are on their way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Can’t wait to see what these girls are wearing, because usually it’s something crazy.

5:38 AM EST: Zara and Peter Phillips arrive at Westminster Abbey, Zara is in some kind of crazy big hat. Prince Charles and Camilla are now leaving Clarence House. The noise of the crowd is decidedly less than for Prince William and Prince Harry, but that’s to be expected, no?

5:40 AM EST: “Phillip Treacy is killing this wedding.” Direct quote from CNN correspondent. As expected, Beatrice and Eugenie have some crazy ass hats on.

5:41 AM EST: The Queen and Prince Phillip! The Queen is adorned in some yellow – she looks like sunshine. She’s actually kind of reminding me of my Nana. At 85, the Queen is still one tough cookie.

5:43 AM EST: The little bridesmaids are getting in their cars. These kids are so freakin cute in their little white dresses. Why is Camilla wearing ivory? Is that not a no-no at British weddings like it is in the States. Ok, I’m now sitting on the floor directly in front of my television.

5:47 AM EST: I am in love with these little bridesmaids waving from their cars. And Pippa is with them! She’s wearing white with her hair half-up. She looks really beautiful.

5:49 AM EST: The Queen arrives. Prince Phillip is a stud.

5:50 AM EST: Kate’s leaving the hotel! Im so excittttteeddddd! Her dress is not big and fluffy. Long sleeves, deep V-neck. Called it! Just ask anyone at the Turnbull family Easter party. Her hair seems to be half up, half down, like Pippa’s.

5:54 EST: Kate is wearing a tiara under her veil, but we’re still unable to tell which tiara it is exactly. She’s waving ferociously. And holding her bouquet, which is small with white flowers.

5:56 AM EST: My mom and I just gasped at Pippa’s dress. Mermaid bottom with cowl neck. Absolutely gorgeous.

6:00 AM EST: The bells are chiming and Kate and her father are arriving at Westminster Abbey. I wish I was there. My mom just hit me. Kate’s dress is stunning. Lace everywhere. Slightly A-lined skirt. It is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen!

6:03 AM EST: I’m officially crying, which means Jen Maclellan is bawling her eyes out down in DC.


6:08 AM EST: Kate is finally down the aisle with William. I guess it’s British tradition that the groom has his back to the bride as she walks down the aisle. But not to worry, Harry was giving Wills all the details. I think he also told him that Pippa looks hot. No, just kidding. William took a deep breath when he finally did see Kate for the first time, and then leaned over and said “You look beautiful.” And she does.

6:13 AM EST: Not to sway over to the comical, but my mom and I are both convinced that Camilla is drunk. And Harry may or may not have been doing shots until 3 AM. Collar a little tight there, Harry?

6:15 AM EST: Wow, they get right into it. Now doing the vows. Kate and William look like cute little kids.

6:21 AM EST: Prince William and Catherine Middleton are officially married! They are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Cheers erupted from the crowds watching the wedding on screens throughout London.

6:24 AM EST: Kate’s brother James doing the first and only reading. He must have practiced a lot because he’s reading really well. I would fall off the podium from nerves.

6:53 AM EST: The bride and groom are moving to the shrine of St. Edward the Confessor to sign the wedding registry. My mom is concerned that “Harry talks to everyone,” and Camilla “doesn’t walk well.” She’s also been referring to Kate’s brother James as “Eric.”

7:03 AM EST: We’re processing out! At least, the clergy is. I can’t tell if Kate and William are behind them. Here they come back to the altar! Kate, William, Harry and Pippa. Mom: “Harry looks like Napoleon.” Simmer down, Jeanie. Kate and William are now making their way up the altar, with page boys and bridesmaids in tow.

7:06 AM EST: Harry and Pippa are arm in arm walking out. I think Harry just asked Pippa if she’s been working out. Smooth. William looks happy, but nervous and shy. And Kate has a death grip on his hand. She’s got to be shaking.

7:08 AM EST: Leaving the Abbey! People are going crazy!

7:10 AM EST: Into the royal carriage we go. William puts on his hat and gloves. Not for nothing, but they seem like a good team. William holding Kate’s bouquet. And they seem to be teasing each other, like “oh, did you see the bishop’s hair when he took his hat off?”

7:15 AM EST: Thank god it’s not raining. Kate and William look positively regal (that’s the point, right?) in their carriage. One horse is trying to go rouge. We just found out, the tiara was the Queen Mother’s. Designed by Cartier, and bought by King George for his wife.

7:19 AM EST: Harry is in the second carriage with the bridesmaids. Where are their parents?

7:25 AM EST: And we’re back at Buckingham Palace. All carriages have passed through the gates and into the grand courtyard. William and Harry salute as they pass, which is quite moving. It’s like a changing of a guard. The new monarchy.

7:26 AM EST: Kate and William have entered Buckingham Palace for the first time as husband and wife. Not sure how long until the famous kiss on the balcony. I think CNN said they are taking pictures first.

7:48 AM EST: The crowds are making their way, quite orderly, to Buckingham Palace.

8:13 AM EST: According to Piers Morgan, this is the biggest thing that’s ever happened in the world, ever. He just keeps saying that over and over again. I think it’s adorable, but Anderson Cooper my just reach over and slap him in the face.

8:24 AM EST: People are jumping in the fountain at Buckingham Palace. Piers Morgan also just predicted that someone will be dancing half-naked at 5 AM tomorrow morning before Harry’s survivor’s breakfast.

8:26 AM EST: Kate and William have made it out onto the balcony. Kate exclaims “Oh wow!” at the crowd. Now the royal family is all out, with the bridesmaids. The crowd is chanting KISS, KISS, KISS! And they do! William is blushing. And Harry just slipped Pippa the tongue. Haha. Kidding again. Camilla just tried to throw one of the bridesmaids off the balcony.

8:29 AM EST: The Royal Air Force is doing their flyover of the Palace. I love flyovers.

8:31 AM EST: We got two kisses and a one last over the shoulder turn from Kate before the couple went back inside. And the festivities will continue for the royal family, while the rest of us will go on with our day, a little enchanted by this morning’s event. Hopefully a fairytale has begun.


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4 responses to “The Royal Wedding is Finally Here: “A Splash of Color on the Hard Road We Have to Travel”

  1. Sam

    Like the dress, very Grace Kelly. I want to see the back though, there’s like a bustle that looks interesting but it’s hidden by the veil. Her hair is a little blah though. LOVE Pippa’s dress. Also, Chelsy Davy looks awful. SamCam totally should have been wearing a hat – the article on the Daily Mail is very snarky about it (“noticeably lacking any form of headgear”, LOL). Beatrice and Eugenie look crazy. Poor Beatrice has those awful bug eyes and big teeth. Did you see Posh’s shoes?!? She’s like 7 months pregnant, that’s nuts. We need to move to London.

  2. cms

    Thanks, Kelly. That was a suffient amount of wedding for me. Shame Cooper didn’t slap Piers Morgan; there’s a fellow could use some slapping.

  3. jen

    I think I started crying before 603am…oh well. Taking the day off to watch recaps and drink more mimosas.

  4. jean carroll

    10:35 AM EST Still watching CNN. William and Kate just came out of Buckingham Palace in a convertible with William driving and ballons and ribbons tied to the car. He still in his uniform and she in her gown. Oh, and the license plate says “Just Wed”. How modern and how Amercian. Love it.

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