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My Blog and I Are Renewing Our Vows

Audrey's Photoshop skills are second to none.

Audrey’s Photoshop skills are second to none.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve been caught cheating. And I’ve done it to one of the things I love the most in this world: My blog.

You’ve all noticed it. We’ve been distant. I haven’t visited it as much (in fairness, you haven’t visited it that much either). But the pressures of work, family, boyfriends, a really, really tough winter, and the straight hustle have made it hard to maintain this relationship.

But all that is going to change. I’m recommitting myself to NoMadBlog, and it starts today.

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I Miss Summer a Tiny Bit You Guys

Because I’m so adaptive and flexible, I had absolutely no problem with it being hot as balls this summer…ok, that’s the opposite of the truth. The summer was too effing hot for my taste, and I learned the hard way what a summer in New York City really entails. So you can imagine my excitement when I flipped my calendar page to September and welcomed in some football weather.

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Margo and Jeremiah’s Wedding Video!

The final installment of the wedding video series is here – Margo and Jeremiah Mullane’s! Held in Springfield, MA on July 28, this wedding was the perfect end to Wedding Season 2010-2012, which included nine weddings in total, and was the busiest 20+ months of my life, but so. much. fun. (Before we begin, I should warn you that there’s some Kelly Carroll singing at the end of this video. I apologize in advance.)

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