Back Bay Panera Lovers, Your Wait is Over

Shout out to Sandra for immediately calling me as she walked by the Panera Bread construction site on Boylston Street today. As everyone in my office knows, I’ve been annoyingly anticipating Panera’s opening for months now, and it seems my wishes have finally come true!

In four short days (and by my watch I’m guessing that’s Monday, but other reports say May 24), Panera will finally open it’s doors to all the business people who frequent Boston’s Back Bay area. I myself had just become accustomed to Au Bon Pain salads for lunch, but there’s nothing like a fattening, cream-based soup to break a person of their healthy habits.

Will the weather ever be nice enough for us to utilize this gilded seating?

Now, let’s remind ourselves that Au Bon Pain is running on all iPad enhanced cylinders to be able to compete with Panera’s popularity. But, judging by the amount of traffic this blog had gotten from the topic, Panera is going to do well in its new location.

So join me next week for the grand opening! Bread, the other white meat.


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2 responses to “Back Bay Panera Lovers, Your Wait is Over

  1. Editor’s Note: This is all based around the assumption that the world is NOT actually going to end on Saturday. Soooo, maybe pencil in the Panera opening for next week. You could be otherwise engaged.

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