Scenes from the Green Line: My New Favorite Website

We all remember T-pocolypse 2011 a few weeks back and how the entire Green Line shut down and the Mass Pike was a parking lot for hours all because someone fainted at Arlington Street station during rush hour. It still keeps me up at night. Well apparently I’m not the only one whose life has been turned upside down by the MBTA system (actually, if we want to get existential about it, we could all probably say the T has ruined our lives in some way, butterfly effect, yada, yada, yada).

One Joey Brunelle (a.k.a. lead designer and developer of Goose Rock Design, where they “make awesome things”), a Kennebunk, ME native, has started the website How Fucked is the T? ( which gives live data on where all four of the MBTA subway lines are at any time of the day, which basically shows that during most of the day the T is late, shut down, broken, sucking at life, etc. This has become my new favorite obsession.

By choosing your color line of choice, users can see the wait time for both inbound and outbound trains, as well as how many trains are in use for that line. There is also a map along the bottom of each page noting which stop each train is at that particular time. While I’m not completely sure how accurate the data is, it’s apparently provided by the MBTA. And of course, there’s no live data for the Green Line. Which basically proves what we knew all along: out of all the T lines, the Green Line is the most fucked.

For those of you who want to peruse at work, don’t worry. There’s a SFW version. And for my beloveds in DC? You’re welcome.

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