So Maybe They Shouldn’t Release Casey Anthony From Jail Just Yet

Sammay Blackwell. Photo courtesy of

Taking matters into her own hands this week, an Oklahoma woman with quite an agenda reportedly attacked another woman with her car after mistaking her for the now infamous Casey Anthony. The woman is said to have waited outside Anthony lookalike Sammay Blackwell’s place of work, a convenience store in Chouteau, OK, and then rammed her car into Blackwell’s as she pulled out of her parking space, causing the vehicle to flip over multiple times. Like the Navy SEALS waiting for bin Laden.

She “said that I was trying to hurt babies, [that] I was killing babies, and she was going to stop me before it happened again,” Blackwell told police.

Now, call me crazy (or call this lady crazy, that’s fine too), but if you were so enraged by the Casey Anthony verdict that you felt the need to attack her vehicle with your own, shouldn’t you know that she hasn’t been released from prison yet?

This lady is probably one of those conspiracy theorists that thinks the government and the media are always lying to them and that Casey Anthony was probably released under the cover of darkness and taken into police protection in Oklahoma so that she could start a new life without the prying eyes of her accusers and those that want to say, physically harm her.

Yeah, ok. I can follow that train of thought. As you were.

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