Since We’re On the Topic of School Pictures

I can’t find the now infamous library bookshelves picture. But it will be found, if not for this blog than for the fact that my parents should know where all my school photos are and I’m a little offended that they don’t. Also they should all be framed.

Anyway, I did find three gems for you which I’ve placed above. They are arranged chronologically. They are awesome. Not as awesome as Brett’s. But right up there.

I’m going to break these down one by one, because I feel like they need explaining. Their amazingness can not be fully comprehended just on a glance. So here it goes:

1. I’m guessing this photo was taken sometime around 1987, not 1776 as you would at first assume. Not only are the iconic words of Thomas Jefferson splashed across the backdrop, but I also appear to be dressed like Betsy Ross. For everyone not aware, I went to preschool on a military base, so this photograph makes more sense in that context. More sense. But not much sense. I believe I will use this picture in my future presidential campaign.

2. Side ponytail? Check. Huge button hair tie? Check. Forest background? Check, check. Clearly we’ve moved into the height of 80s fashion and decor in this picture. I’ve also perfected my model-smile and hand crossing. I need everyone to know that my purple shirt had a matching skirt, and I thought it was boss. Also, my pairing of purple and neon green was so on trend. I was probably wearing patent leather Mary Janes. I am rocking this picture.

3. So, I moved from preschool to Kindergarten and in one short year I apparently lost all of my fashion sense (and evidently the school lost it’s budget for picture backgrounds). Thinking back on the morning before this picture was taken I’m guessing I was intensely debating on whether I should wear my hair in pigtails, down with a side part, or half up/half down. So I went for them all. With hot pink hair ties. Because nothing matches maroon and white plaid. I think it’s borderline child abuse that no one thought to fix my collar. I’ve tried on this uniform recently and it still fits. There are so many things wrong with that situation, but I would still rock that neck tie.


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7 responses to “Since We’re On the Topic of School Pictures

  1. Jean

    Oh my little girl…

  2. alli

    you really know how to warm my heart 🙂

  3. Aunt Binkie

    Seems like it was just yesterday when first saw these pictures………..

  4. Sam

    If that uniform still fits, can you be Lil’ Kelly #3 for Halloween next year, please?

  5. Becca

    So jealous of the background in #1!!!!

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