When Thanksgiving Goes Terribly Wrong

I hope everyone had a fantastic, stupendous, momentous Thanksgiving.

This was the first Turnbull Thanksgiving without Nana (bless her heart, thankyoujeeeeesus) in the kitchen. And the best way I can put it is that shit went awry. For your amusement, I’ve included a list below of all crazy from my family’s Thanksgiving festivities. Five of these things did not happen. If you can name all five, you win a prize of some sort.

We ate 3.5 hours late.

There was a robbery on our street and the thieves took a 42 inch flat screen TV.

We watched the robbery happen.

R.J. and Nik are having a baby.

Uncle Tom cut is face open and bled everywhere. And was concussed.

Trevor and I got into a fight and he probably won’t speak to me until he graduates from high school.

We spent a portion of the day with the Suffolk County Police.

Brett climbed out on the roof.

There was a significant amount of time where Uncle Ed pretended he was an elephant.

Aunt Carole eliminated potatoes from the meal.

She also made turnips three ways and rationed the sweet potatoes.

We danced to Pitbull and Usher for an hour.

Mom and C.J. bonded over both “being only children.” My mom has five brothers and sisters.

I found my AP Stylebook hidden within Nana’s personal belongings. I’ve been looking for it for three years.

Kingston the Bulldog and I wore the same clothes.

Brett told me I was the greatest godmother ever and it made me cry.

The turkey caught on fire.

Ok, I lied. There aren’t five things in here that didn’t happen. They ALL happened. I did this to prove to you all just how ridiculous my Turkey Day was. Have you ever seen the movie Home for the Holidays? Ridiculous, yet awesome. And I am grateful for it all.

Can’t wait for Christmas.

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One response to “When Thanksgiving Goes Terribly Wrong

  1. I forgot one! I did the entire holiday in the Honey Badger voice!!

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