Thanksgiving: Where the Turkey and the Dancefloor are on Fire

As I said yesterday, my Thanksgiving dinner this year was…interesting. Fantastic, but full of hijinks. So I wanted to give you a little taste of the pre-turkey antics. Pay special attention to how delighted Brett’s brother Trevor looks in the background. And then watch as he leans over to Elizabeth and tells her he needs a sign that says “we still haven’t eaten.”


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving: Where the Turkey and the Dancefloor are on Fire

  1. Jean

    The part that’s not on this video is when after Brett finished his dance all the grown ups, rather than getting the burning turkey out of the oven, ran onto the dance floor (the family room) and broke out into full blown disco mania. It was at this time that I looked to the heavens and said “forgive them Nana for they no not that the turkey is burning”. Great Thanksgiving.

  2. Sam

    I was very confused by the perspective here and had to watch this a few times to figure out that there’s a seating area where the table should be! Craziness! Oh, and sweet moves, Brett.

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