It’s Here! It’s Here! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, UES Edition

It’s totally possible that I’ve started seeing things, but this is what I stumbled upon on the corner of 83rd Street and 3rd Avenue this afternoon. Omg you guys, things just got so much better in the world!

If you know nothing about The Coffee Bean, trust me, it’s great. Yes, it’s a California import, but they make coffee drinks better than any other establishment I know (cough, Starbucks). Whatever beans they use are light and sweet – well, I only get the ice-blended drinks, which are basically milkshakes, so what do I know…but try it anyway!

The inside looked completely set up, but these awnings were just being hung, and I can’t find the location on a Google map or on The Coffee Bean website. Hopefully this isn’t just a mirage. Viva Coffee Bean UES!

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