Is It Too Much To Ask To See A Triple Crown Winner In My Lifetime?

Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

Today’s news that I’ll Have Another was scratched from Saturday’s Belmont Stakes was devastating to me. Every year I get so excited that it might be the year I’ll see a horse win the Triple Crown. And every year I’m disappointed. I mean, clearly I should be upset that this poor horse is suffering with some kind of tendonitis in his leg. And I am. But I’m also selfish and there are things that I want, nay need, to see happen in my lifetime.

So that got me to thinking. What are some other things I’d like to see in my lifetime? Obviously a cure for cancer. The economy to get better. Wars to end. But those are really big picture. I’m thinking more of things that would make my life just a little more enjoyable:

1. A Triple Crown winner
2. The first female president
3. An NCAA football playoff
4. Another moon landing
5. A number 16 seed beating a number 1 seed in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament
6. At least three more royal weddings

I feel this list is pretty complete. Again, I would like to get married, have children. Become successful at some kind of job where people listen to me and I get paid money (That might be reaching. I would like to be able to pay my rent. Yeah, that’s better. Baby steps.).

But the list above is more about the times in life where you’ll look back and say, I remember when that happened. We need more of those in this day and age. Which is why the loss of I’ll Have Another in Saturday’s race is so devastating. So yeah, judge me for being so self-centered. But I ask you this, when will it be our time?

Also, get well soon I’ll Have Another.

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