I Miss Summer a Tiny Bit You Guys

Because I’m so adaptive and flexible, I had absolutely no problem with it being hot as balls this summer…ok, that’s the opposite of the truth. The summer was too effing hot for my taste, and I learned the hard way what a summer in New York City really entails. So you can imagine my excitement when I flipped my calendar page to September and welcomed in some football weather.

Well, then today came. The Weather Channel said “75 degrees” and over the past few months that always meant me sweating from the bus stop all the way to work. Seriously, I’ve been sweating since March. It’s disgusting. I do not have a glow.

But today was not a summer 75, and I ended up freezing my butt off all day and doing something I never thought I would do: praying for a few more days of summer. And it made me think of these videos, which I think are a pretty good capsule of how much fun we had during Summer 2012. So enjoy this little bit of summer we have left. Winter is coming (Game of Thrones reference, love it!).

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One response to “I Miss Summer a Tiny Bit You Guys

  1. Jean

    To everyone involved in my life, this summer was awesome. Long Island is the most majestic place in the world to spend our summer months and we are so lucky that Nana and Pop left us a place to do just that. North Carolina was a blast as you can see with Raegan doing “Call me Maybe” and everyone else sitting on my kitchen floor. Seeing Binky and Kev, Susan and Elliot, Betty and Steve, Jack and Sara, Dan and Kate, Lori and Rob and all the rest of our great family could not have been any better. We had babies born, we had birthdays, we had a sad passing of a loved one, we had Broadway plays, the little league world series, and a reunion of old friends that will live in my brother and my heart forever. We had tons of summer hockey and most of all we had tons of love to go around for everyone. Thank you guys.

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