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Champagne Problems at an Upper East Side Voting Station

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited to vote. During the presidential election of 2004, I was in college, and voted via absentee ballot. In 2008, I was working as a reporter in the Hamptons, unable to go home to vote, and again, submitted my choice via absentee. I so looked forward to casting my vote at a polling station, among people also in love with government, politics, and civic duty.

It’s now clear that I expected too, too much.

With the day off of work, I took my time getting my act together this morning and slowly made my way down to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on E. 74th Street. I got on the line, which bent up 1st Avenue, at 9:45a.m. It was chilly out, but the sun was shining, and my spirit was still way up.

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Donations Needed!

Columbia Law School is collecting blankets, non-perishable food and clothing (preferably warm clothing, including coats) to assist those affected by the storm. I will be up at West Point this weekend if anyone wants to drop off donations at either my parents’ house or our AAA Lot football tailgate. If you’re in the city, you can drop off donations at William and June Warren Hall, 1125 Amsterdam Avenue, 5th Floor.

Every teeny, tiny, little bit counts. Be well!

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J.R. Martinez Wins Dancing with the Stars and Restores My Faith in America

If you didn’t already know, J.R. Martinez was my frontrunner for the title of Season 13’s DWTS champion. The man could dance. He had charisma. And most of all, he had a backstory that literally made me cry every time he spoke.

After suffering physically-altering wounds as a young solider in Iraq, Martinez championed his depression, took stock of the hand he was dealt and decided he was going to make the most out of the life that he now faced. He became an actor. He became an advocate and representative of wounded soldiers across the nation. And he went on live television and attempted something he’d never done before. And America responded. And for that I am proud.

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