Five 90s Bands You Remember And Miss

Now_That's_What_I_Ca''_the_90's It came to my attention last night that the incomparable Ma$e, the man who taught Ke$ha how to put a $ in her name, was poised for another comeback. I love Mase, so this was, quite literally, music to my ears. But it got me wondering about those other groups I oh so loved when I was nothing but a tween in a Starter jacket listening to the Top 9 at 9 on K104. Do they still air that? Yes, they do.

So I made up my Dream Team list of those bands I need to be famous again, because, well, I miss them. I also think it would be cool if they all got together and made some kind of Live Aid-like Christmas song (this will never happen; even I don’t really have my hopes up). I give you my list below, and I apologize in advance for any graphic content. If I could listen to it at 12, you can listen to it now. Blame my parents.

1. Total

Apparently Total launched a comeback tour earlier this year, but since I’m just reading about it now, I’m assuming it hasn’t been that successful. Something else I learned about Total today—one of its members has been married to Omar Epps since 2006 and they have two kids. Dropping knowledge.

Anyway, Total is best known for singing the hooks to some pretty famous rap songs, including LL Cool J’s “Who Do You Love.” My personal favorite is Mase’s “What You Want.” We simply cannot have another rap song without them.

2. Sugar Ray:

Everyone else is going to hate this but #idontcare. I borrowed a Sugar Ray album from now-doctor Matt Peddy in 9th grade and he became my first high school friend and it solidified my appreciation of their music. In 2012, the band appeared alongside Everclear (oh guys, remember Everclear), Marcy Playground, Lit, and the Gin Blossoms in the SummerLand Tour. Last year, they went on the road with the Gin Blossoms, Smash Mouth, Vertical Horizon, and Fastball (according to Wikipedia; I don’t have time to factcheck this—it’s probably right).

3. Dru Hill:

I’ve always felt that Dru Hill could have really made it if Sisqo didn’t go off and make “The Thong Song.” Every time I listened to “5 Steps” I cried. I was also 13 and cried about anything so I don’t really know if that means much, but it’s true. Dru Hill is kind of the male version of Destiny’s Child, with members of the group leaving and bad blood and what not. But that comparison would also make Sisqo the Beyonce of the group, and we can’t have that at all. So I recant my earlier statement.

4. Mystikal:

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Apparently Mystikal and Lil Wayne are frenemies? (Has anyone actually seen Lil Wanye lately? Is he ok?) Mystikal has had all kinds of trouble it seems and has been to jail a few times since the early aughts. Maybe we just let Mystikal settle down for a bit. No more music for right now, Mystikal, k?

5. The Fugees:

Who doesn’t want the Fugees back? The Score is one of the best and most complete albums I’ve ever listened to. But unfortunately these three are never, ever getting back together (T-Swift style) because Lauryn Hill is all tax-evading and what not and Pras is somewhere I don’t even know about and Wyclef is running for elections and talking Haiti and all that business. But, it would be great to hear from you again, guys. Just saying.

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