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Today on Shuffle

So, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve become a little lax in updating my sidebar on the right. Life’s getting away from me a little bit lately, and some things have to slide. But since I understand that this is unacceptable, I’ve decided to shake things up.

I’m doing away with the “Song Lyrics of the Day”, and in its place I’ll be doing a “Today on Shuffle” category. Every morning on my way to work I will listen to my iPod on shuffle, and give you the first three songs that play. I’ve been doing this already every morning this week, and I’m finding songs I forgot I knew and it’s been a life-changing experience (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s been fun).

So scroll down the right side for today’s shuffle. I’ll bold my favorite, but all my songs are good, so you should try to download all three! Who knows, maybe you’ll find an oldie but goodie that you never knew you were missing!

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Happy Birthday Tupac!

My efforts to solve the murder of Biggie Smalls have been put on a hiatus today to celebrate the 40th birthday of the possibly late Tupac Shakur. Killed at just 25 years old, we here at NoMad Blog tried to imagine what the great rapper would have been like at 40:

Audrey: Ain’t mad at cha on loop all day…If he was alive do you think that he’d be street still or would he be like Puffy (vodka, 40 name changes, actor, running the NYC marathon, etc) or like Rev. Run w/a reality show. Perhaps Ice-T, going the SVU route? Thoughts?

Jordy: My money’s on him being some sort of publicly elected figure. I bet he would be thinking about taking over Arnold’s governorship right about now. What campaign would they have against him? Smoking weed? That shit done been legalized. Heavy drinking? Accepted. Sleeping with multiple women? Par for the course. And hey, at least he doesn’t lie about any of it. Plus, can you imagine what his campaign trail would be like to follow?

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Letter to Lil Wayne

I’ll admit that I love Lil Wayne’s music, and I too am probably somewhat to blame for perpetuating the language that rappers – and many men in general – use towards women. I hope I can teach my daughters that we are not defined by what anyone thinks or says about us. And I hope they’re cool enough to compose open letters in music video form.

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