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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Do You Want To Be Happy Or Do You Want To Be Right?

Thank you, Audrey. This was helpful.

Thank you, Audrey. This was helpful.

Hello, people. As you hopefully read yesterday, I’ve employed a new Pretty Little Liars guru to help us parse through all this crazy. Unfortunately, after writing her inaugural post, Audrey went and got in a car crash. She’s ok (well, concussed), but I’m pinch hitting for this, the first of many, PLL recaps. Audrey will (hopefully) be chiming in via text, but due to like, damaged brain waves and painkillers, I’m not sure how much coherency we’ll get out of her. That said, we all know this show doesn’t make sense anyway. Here we go!

So when we left off last week, Aria was having some serious PTSD from (maybe) killing Shawna, who is (maybe, but probably not actually) A. Spencer is casually having sex with Toby in her bed in her parents’ house with the door open. Ali is visiting her OWN grave. Mona is rocking a killer navy blue sweater dress. And Emily and Hanna are following Jason DiLaurentis around town like it’s totally normal for two girls in leather pants to be standing on street corners in the dark. Mona threatens Ali and makes it pretty clear that we’ve started World War A now that Ali’s back in Rosewood. Oh, and Pepe finds Mrs. DiLaurentis’ hand in the backyard BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD. Totally normal.

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