Gaga for Theresa

Gaga's thinking of more things Theresa can make for her.

My friends are way cooler than I am.

On Wednesday, I received an e-mail that one of my oldest amigas, Theresa Dapra, had created a costume piece for Lady Gaga. YES! That Lady Gaga. And it was worn during her performance at Elton John’s recent benefit concert! Check it out in the pic. I’m freaking out! This is the coolest thing ever – and completely deserving of the praise.

I’ve never had to prove how amazing Theresa Dapra is, but since some of you reading this don’t know her, I will explain. I’ve known Reese since I was about 5-years old. We grew up going to the same babysitter – her aunt – after school. And through the years I’ve watched her morph from a child into this beautiful, awesome, creative, completely individual person who I’ve respected and stood in awe of for quite some time.

If you had told us during our bus stop chats that one day she would be doing what she’s doing and getting such high praise for her talents, I would have definitely believed it. Congrats Theresa. Love you girl!

Theresa in NYMag.


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3 responses to “Gaga for Theresa

  1. jean carroll

    Awesome T…love and miss you.

  2. Krista

    haha kel, i totally saw this blog coming yesterday! i will add the NY Magazine interview of our little 80’s paperboy…

  3. Mistaker

    A fine looking broad, with brains to boot. More of this please

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