This Spy Thing is Kind of Ridiculous

The timing is way too fortuitous for Ms. Jolie.

I’m a conspiracy theorist and will pretty much form some kind of crazy plot to just about anything in my mind – like my suspicion that people are drugging my Chipotle burritos or that Michael Jackson actually died during that Pepsi commercial fire fiasco (this one is interesting and involves a sub-theory on Tupac still being alive, I may have to blog about it one day).

So, when I heard this morning that those Russian spies/suburban model-seducers were going to be traded for prisoners of our own that Russia has been holding for years, I couldn’t help but think that something fishy was going on.

First of all, how much information do we really have on their crimes? They never even really spied, right? They had secret codes and were passing things under the table at local Starbucks, but how much information did these people actually get? And what’s with the redhead? I think she just wants to be a model/trophy wife. Which leads me to the conclusion that these “Russian spies” are just paid actors, and this has all been a publicity stunt for Angelina Jolie’s new movie, Salt (I wouldn’t put anything past that Angelina).

Further, I’m pretty sure the White House party-crashing business of last year was just a publicity stunt to promote The Real Housewives of DC and Bravo in general.

Barack really needs to start working with B. Spears and LiLo’s people (if this blog is shut down tomorrow, you’ll know why).

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