Father Knows Best

Bobbaaaaaaayyyyyy. AP photo.

When Bobby Gonzalez got the head coaching job at Manhattan years and years ago, my dad told me he was bad news. Can we get my dad an ESPN analyst job people? Can you see it now – Bobby Knight in his sweaters, Dad in his warm-up suits. The possibilities are endless!

Anyway, I digress. Basically what I’m trying to say is when I found out that the now disgraced former Seton Hall coach was shoplifting Ralph Lauren satchels in New Jersey, I wasn’t surprised. Well, maybe a little surprised, simply because I’m sure there are worse things he should be arrested for, like being shady.

“Bobby had no intention of stealing anything,” his lawyer told the Associated Press on Tuesday. However, ESPN reports that the bag was found in a nearby restaurant, with some damage where the sensor had been pulled off. Oh yeah, and the bag was worth $1,400. Says my dad, “he’s a gem.”

Gonzalez turned himself in to police on Monday, and was charged with criminal mischief and shoplifting. Let it be a lesson to you kids – college coaching can turn you into a shoplifter. Tell me again why we hate Coach K so much?

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