The Remedy is the Experience; the Comedy is that it’s Serious

No matter how old you get, no matter what occasion, there are always lessons to be learned from your family. Below, the Top 10 tips from the past 4th of July. Enjoy!

1. At 13, texting honeys whilst skateboarding is bad news. When you get a little older, it’s texting and driving. Sexting is bad news at any age.

2. My Uncle Ed is “Mediterranean” according to my Aunt Carole, and that’s why he tans. I thought he was from Yonkers, but I guess I was wrong.

3. Priests don’t like it when you skip church. They also do not like when you do yoga on the front lawn of the rectory.

4. Veggie wraps with crumbled blue cheese are a healthy alternative to burgers. They are NOT healthy when you combine them with burgers, s’mores, chips, turkey sandwiches, cereal, chicken, steak, loaves of bread and pasta salad.

5. Zumba is both an exercise and a form of performance art – at midnight, to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

6. Every morning should start with some clubbing to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.”

7. Young-aged cousins are good to have around for so many reasons, one of them being that they play sports and have coaches your age.

8. Avoid the HIV.

9. No matter how many towels your grandmother has acquired over the 83 years of her life, she will not let you use any of them and will put a deadbolt on her linen closet.

10. I am, and always will be, the ultimate Eastern Long Island Corn Toss Champion. But I should not tell the people I’m playing against to “suck it.” FYI, that’s inappropriate.


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8 responses to “The Remedy is the Experience; the Comedy is that it’s Serious

  1. this is awesome kelly!!! send me the picture of all of us on the dock at fireworks … number 7 = niceeee

  2. cb

    Kelly I love the video from Fourth Of July. It is awesome.

  3. Eileen

    Nicely done Kelly. Every day should be the weekend!

  4. cuz kathy

    kelly that was beautiful and nicely done. it was great to see you all having a great time . what a special memory. thanks to uncle ray he sent it to me. love always ,cuz kathy vw

  5. susan

    just look at the video of the fourth of july great job . i’m glad you are all doing well enjoy the rest of the summer. love
    susan burns

  6. Trish Biondoletti (cuz)

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful video. I love and miss your family so much. Your nana,
    My Aunt Rusty reminds me so much of my mom,
    Aunt Patsy. I cant begin to tell you how much it means to me to see her beautiful smiling face.
    Your family is amazing and I hope to see you all at Lindsey’s wedding in December. All my love to the Turnbull’s.

  7. from uncle john and nephew from
    sarasota fl. to aunt rusty the video
    was fantastic i didn,t know i had so
    many cousins that i dont even know
    wish you could all email me love
    john your nephew beatrice son
    p.s i,m 58 years old & a grandpa
    love ya john.

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