Guy of the Month: Matt B.

Runnin' It.

Name: Matt
Age: In years, 30ish. In mind, somewhere around 15
Likes: Ala-BAMA football, Bobby Huggins, Carter and Mary Carter
Dislikes: Buzz Aldrin

My mom has a habit of finding complete strangers to come and live with us. Over the course of my lifetime, approximately 432 people have stayed at the Carroll home, and Matt was one of them.

Matt came to us in 2005 when his parents left him in a basket on our doorstep. The note read “We didn’t sign up for this. Love, Barb and Ed.” We really had no choice. He lived with us for an extended summer, and even when his house was finally built, he wouldn’t leave.

I think the first time Matt and I spoke to each other, I came home from some party and he was watching Shark Week and wearing one sock because there was something wrong with his foot. We had a long discussion about why he wouldn’t just wear two socks, and how the next day he would wear the other sock in the pair, and so on and so forth until he had to do laundry. Riveting. The conversations have only gotten weirder.

Through the course of our friendship Matt has been thrown out of many Cleveland Circle bars, has been driven home by the Cornwall Fire Department and was “kidnapped” in Newburgh. (The quotation marks mean it didn’t really happen. And Matt, I’m still not entirely sure what I was going to do about it from Boston at 3 a.m.)

To say it’s been interesting to have Matt in our lives is an understatement. To say it’s been awesome to find a friend in Matt, his wife Carter and their beautiful daughter, is accurate. Matt, y’all have truly become a part of our family, and we love you guys.

Happy Birthday to our Guy of the Month!


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4 responses to “Guy of the Month: Matt B.

  1. Carter

    You made his birthday…he has been dying to be guy of the month!!!! Thanks Kelly!!!! We love you too!

  2. Jean

    Happy birthday Matt. Kelly’s right, we have had alot of people stay/live/visit our home and I have to say you are up there with some of the best. Congrats on Guy of the Month.

  3. Denny

    Jean You are so right – he is way up there -about 430 out of 432.

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