100 Days Til RJ and Nicole’s Wedding: Things Just Got Serious

So as I’m sure you remember from the end of last year, there are approximately 1 bigillion weddings going on. And I successfully attempted to lose weight for all of them between August and December. However, we’ve been on a reprieve from weddings over the past few months, and unfortunately, some of those pounds came back.

If you take a look over to the right side of the screen (over there…over there) you’ll see that there are 100 days until Arge and Nik tie the knot (Memorial Day weekend, on Long Island…it’s a New York wedding people!), and I have every intention of losing 10 pounds in those 100 days. Since I practically forced them under penalty of death to go skydiving with me this summer, I figure I should at least look presentable when I do a reading/break out into an original song and dance number during their ceremony. It’s happening.

So it’s back to Zumba, Yoga, and possibly once-a-week Chipotle for this girl. Ugh. I might actually have to go grocery shopping for the first time in 2011. Losing weight is a pain in the (smaller) ass. Check back next week for my first weigh in results – and don’t hesitate to send some love along. Good luck to me!


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4 responses to “100 Days Til RJ and Nicole’s Wedding: Things Just Got Serious

  1. jean carroll

    I’m with you Kel. My first goal was my retirement…met that. Next is/was RJ and Nicole’s wedding. I’m in for 10…let’s go for it.

  2. nicole johnston

    Dude, I am in for 10lbs too just forthe heck of it. But really tell your cousin that I would be a great coat check gal at their wedding. I am in need a a good NY wedding.

  3. am

    there goes the bagel table……..no worries…..i know you will succeed , Kel!

  4. Good luck and I hope the wedding turns out beautifully.

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